Scavi & Ray Alcohol Free Sparkling White Wine Drink 75cl (6 x 75cl)

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Scavi & Ray Alcohol Free Sparkling White Wine Drink 75cl (6 x 75cl)

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Scavi & Ray Alcohol Free Sparkling White Wine Drink 75cl (6 x 75cl)

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10 reviews for Scavi & Ray Alcohol Free Sparkling White Wine Drink 75cl (6 x 75cl)

  1. CateringPacks Customer

    This is the best non alcoholic drink by a mile. I’ve tried some spirit style drinks and red wines but this tastes like prosecco to me. It’s a tad on the dry side but if you put a raspberry in it takes away any acidity. I genuinely thought I was drinking the real thing. Get this and you wont be disappointed. I spent ages reading different reviews on different drinks and took a punt on this.

  2. Anthony

    I purchased this due to being pregnant, it is an excellent alcohol free copy, bottle actually ended up getting mixed up with the alcohol prosecco and people didn’t notice they’d been drinking alcohol free until I went to get my second glass! Highly recommend

  3. Nimbus

    This Scavi & Ray Alcohol-Free Sparkling Drink is pleasant to drink and the degree of effervescence is about right too. The flavour isn’t too sweet and you could quaff a fair amount of this quite easily. Whilst this drink bears a resemblance to Prosecco, it does not have exactly the same flavour.There’s no “free lunch” in that you’ve got a drink that is alcohol-free and low in calories so obviously it isn’t going to deliver the full enjoyment of sparkling wine. However, accepting the inevitable compromise that flows from the nature of this wine it’s quite good. Finally, I do think it’s quite expensive, even if it did cost more to manufacture, unlike a true wine there’s no duty to pay.

  4. Sally

    Beautiful non alcoholic bubbly. Was meant to be for my 70th Birthday but had a sip tonight.Very very odd though, as the driver (delivery man) asked for ID!!!!! Ummmmmmmmmm. It’s NON ALCOHOLIC and I think that I do look 70 years old and not 17…… He insisted, and said that he would get in trouble if I didn’t; even asked for my passport!!!!!! I wouldn’t do that so just had to tell him my date of birth and name…Never ever in my life have I experienced anything quite as funny.

  5. MrsM77

    Tasty but just a little on the sweet side for me. I’ve sampled a lot of alcohol free replacements for sparkling wine and some are dreadful and some are really brilliant. This one is about average to me. It is tasty and I have to give the manufacturer credit for that but it’s just a little too sweet (for me) if you like your sparkling wines in the slightly sweet side you’ll like this but if you prefer a dry alternative you might be a little disappointed. THAT SAID it does taste nice. Can not fault the taste.

  6. struggs

    We had very high hopes for this given the 5 star reviews but was sadly disappointed. It wasn’t very bubbly and the first taste revealed a sweet flavour and not a great aftertaste. I’m sure if your palate prefers a sweeter taste it won’t be awful but for ours it didn’t work. We will not be buying again but it was worth a try.

  7. Al

    *** HONEST REVIEW *** After reading the 5* reviews of this product I thought I’d give it a try as a prosseco/sparkling wine alternative. As soon as i opened it the first smell i got was apple and then the taste is just fizzy apple, It’s nothing like wine. I know it’s alcohol free but all of the reviews saying you can’t taste the difference between this and prosecco are a load of rubbish. Yes it’s tasty but i can get a bottle of shloer for £1 and it taste pretty much the same. I definitely don’t think it was worth £9 and i was disappointed as it tastes pretty much identical to a £3 none alcoholic bottle from Sainsburys. I like dry wine and this was much sweeter but not overly sweet. I’m glad i tried it but i won’t be purchasing any more.

  8. Louise S.

    I purchased these to gift to several friends at my wedding who were unable to drink alcohol due to being pregnant. I didn’t want them to be forced into drinking fizzy pop all day, let’s face it weddings are a long day! I received compliments from my friends and I know at least two of themWent on to purchase more after the wedding so it must have been nice.

  9. Oli

    Ignore the one negative review. It’s by someone who probably doesn’t understand what prosecco is supposed to taste like. If you’re tight fisted and want a £3 alcohol-free wine that tastes like a fancy Lucozade, go elsewhere. If you want something that has some bite and body, like a real wine, get this. I have tried the Sainsbury’s option (poured down the drain) and the green-tea infusion (nice but tastes like juice). I’m happy to shell out for this product because it is best in class. This was the most popular bottle at my Christmas party by far, among drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

  10. D

    It tastes good,nice flavour, dry and does have an alcoholic taste which I like. It is very pricey, most supermarkets sell non alcoholic bubbly for c£3, this is better than those so £6 would be a better price for value. I pay for alcoholic cava c£8/9. This is £9 and it has no alcohol in it, so what is all the £9 cost for. Taste good but too highly priced for grape juice.

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