Phillips of Bristol Old English Pink Cloves Alcoholic Cordial 70cl (6 x 70cl)

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The connoisseur’s choice. Savour this old English alcoholic cordial originally distilled from Devon herbs and spices, using J R Phillips’ secret recipe, handed down through the generations as a timeless classic, and still one of Devon’s most popular imbibes. Pink Cloves is just one from a range of seven unique flavours. Pink Cloves adds a rosy hue and great flavour to punches, gin or vodka. It can even brighten up your cooking. Add a dash for a new dimension to puddings, casseroles or sauces. The Phillips of Bristol range of old English alcoholic cordials stem from the West Country tradition of cordial recipes made from special herbs and spices and has evolved over the centuries to produce a range of cordials for the connoisseur.

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20 reviews for Phillips of Bristol Old English Pink Cloves Alcoholic Cordial 70cl (6 x 70cl)

  1. Chris Bowen

    As a young whippersnapper, I could often be found in bars and nightclubs around the World drinking ‘rum and black’, and when I had a cold I drank hot ‘rum and cloves’. Now I’m older I don’t drink either, but when I saw this I couldn’t resist buying a bottle in an attempt to create the romantic wonder of those long, cold winter nights, wrapped up in a blanket watching rubbish TV and sipping this stuff. I’m glad I did – it still tastes great!

  2. R. Goodrum

    Speedy delivery by supplier, and the ‘Pink cloves’ makes a significant contribution to winter time “Hot Toddy’s” so very satisfied all ways.

  3. Tracey Musgrove

    I love this drink with a nice rum. Scrummy!

  4. Sparky

    Item arrived ahead of schedule and is exactly as requested.

  5. Penelope Pitstop

    This is fantastic if mixed with dark rum. The last time I brought a bottle (as I have always had difficulty getting it UNTIL NOW) was in North Yorkshire and I paid £21.00 for the same bottle. The value of this is therefor amazing. and I ordered 2what a bargain!!

  6. derrick felix

    brilliant Cheers

  7. Sheila mills

    If you have never tried brandy and alcoholic cloves you are missing a treat so go on give it a go and cloves is reasonable priced.

  8. Esther Williams

    Great as the secret ingredient for mulled wine.

  9. beata krafczyk

    Good item and quick delivery. Thanks

  10. Mrs P.

    Dark rum, more than a splash of Pink cloves, an ice cube – and I’m in Xmas heaven….sip slowly….So why can’t I get it anywhere at the moment (Nov 2020)?Christmas will not be the same this year without this winter warmer….:(

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