Old Pulteney Twelve Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl (70cl)

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Description: The maritime malt. Born in the port of wick Caithness. Distilled and matured by the sea. Our Twelve Years Old is matured next to the sea exclusively in fine American oak ex-bourbon casks. Flickering from amber to gold and copper on the eye, subtly intense waves of fresh brine, toffee and salty sea air recollect the Caithness coastline, with honey, vanilla and spicy fruit washing across the palette in a faintly salty, long-lasting finish. Old Pulteney Twelve Years Old is matured in fine oak, hand-selected ex-bourbon casks, gently absorbing the distinctive sea air. Lively, with a delicate mineral-salted spiciness, Old Pulteney Twelve Years Old is a singular and evocative spirit – truly The Maritime Malt. Distillery Manager Malcolm Waring As the man behind the town’s 19th Century fishing boom, Sir William Pulteney put Wick on the map, but today the Pulteney name is better known for its unique single malt whisky. Distilled and matured by the sea, the liquid in our casks is cocooned by salty air swept ashore on Arctic winds. During Wick’s heyday as Europe’s herring capital, the vessels, adorned with their generous, sparkling hauls of silver darlings, also carried fishermen in their droves. Exhausted after weeks of high seas hardship, the courageous seafarers who landed silver by the barrel were rewarded with liquid gold by the cask. Since 1826, Pulteney Distillery has endured everything nature and man can throw at it, including 25 years of prohibition. Old Pulteney is inseparable from the spirit of the harbour town it calls home which is why it will always be The Maritime Malt. Twelve Years Old Some say that back in the day our wash still had to be shortened to fit in the still house, resulting in its unusual shape today. What’s certain is that the ‘smugglers’ kettles’, as it’s affectionately known, is the beating heart of the distillery, shaping the style of both our bottle and the precious whisky it harbours., Nutrition: (Per 100ml): kJ-923.8, Kcal-221, Fat -0g, Saturates-0g, Carbs-0g, Sugar-0g, Protein -0g, Salt -0g, Manufacturer: Distilled, matured and bottled by: Pulteney Distillery, Wick, Caithness, KW1 5BA., Country of origin: Scotland, Packing: Box

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2 reviews for Old Pulteney Twelve Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl (70cl)

  1. Rach from Nottinghamshire

    Great price 35p.

  2. Paris.S

    Slighly heavy

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