McGuigan Black Label Red 75cl (6 x 75cl)

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Wine of South Eastern, Australia. Four Time – International Winemaker of the Year – IWSC Trophy – 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016. This classic red wine has great fruit flavours of spicy plum, cherry and blackberry. It is a well balanced wine with a smooth and mouth filling finish. A versatile wine that goes well with most dishes, it is specially rewarding with tomato based Italian and spicy Asian food.

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20 reviews for McGuigan Black Label Red 75cl (6 x 75cl)

  1. Kirsty

    Lovely wine.

  2. djm

    This is the best red wine….ever!! I have been drinking this wine for over 10 years now, and it is consistently excellent-impossible to taste any difference in the different years batches.I am not a big fan of most red wines because of that slight “bitter” taste most of them have, but this one is so smooth, no bitter taste at all. When I first started buying this wine, it was £8-£9 a bottle, but now, thanks to Amazon, it is under £6 a bottle! You honestly could not buy a better red wine for that price!!

  3. Mike_Cheshire

    This is a very quaffable wine which I tasted on arrival but I was incensed after ordering another case, ONE DAY AFTER MY FIRST ORDER, by clicking on ‘buy it again’, to be charged an additional £2 per case. I consider this to be extremely dubious practice.

  4. Herb Crawley

    Bought as a gift for family, who loved the quality of the red wine, we’re very happy indeed, try it

  5. Barrington John Prince

    If I never drank another red wine I wouldn’t mind as this wine sit so easily on the pallet without tasting too harsh or vinigary

  6. ws Whisper

    I couldn’t wait to crack this open when I received this, it hinted of great promise. With it simply being called ‘red’, I had slight concerns or would be like the cheap French table wines that make your toes curl with the harsh, dry and acid notes. I also wondered if this would be alternatively too mild on the palate due to the relatively low alcohol content (for a red wine).What we found, by verdict, is a wine which is sweeter than a dry wine, almost a medium sweetness. It’s a delicious shade of crimson and has a great flavour; a little fruity, but not excessively so, and with enough complexities in the flavour to make every mouthful enjoyable. To us, it seems more like a 13.5% wine; it certainly doesn’t seem to be the 12.5% that it actually is, if that makes sense. It’s also smooth and a little rich.It’s not so much as easy drinking wine, as the sort of wine I enjoy curling up with infront of a roaring fire on a cold evening. To be enjoyed slowly.We think this is glorious for the price.

  7. william

    Be aware that this is a 2016 vintage.. not 2015 as suggested! It’s not as smooth as the 2015, more like the black label Shiraz i would say.I am a bit disappointed as not as described..


    5 Stars And super fast delivery

  9. ACTY

    These are jammy, fruity australian wines at a good prices. Pretty consistent from year to year. They market it as Australia’s No 1 selling red and you can see why. Easy to drink and enjoyed by everyone at our most recent barbecue. It is not the most sophisticated red but that wasn’t what I was looking for when I bought these. Occasionally the price drops significantly and that’s when I stock up.

  10. Mr. N. A. Rattigan

    Just keep drinking, its one of my five a day.

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