McGuigan Black Label Chardonnay 75cl (6 x 75cl)

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Wine of South Eastern, Australia. International Winemaker of the Year IWSC Trophy – 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016. This wine has a smooth creamy palate with sweet tropical fruit and melon flavours. A touch of oak makes this a versatile wine that will accompany all food styles, in particular pasta and chicken dishes. #McGuiganWines Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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12 reviews for McGuigan Black Label Chardonnay 75cl (6 x 75cl)

  1. John Mc

    This is a lovely wine, with a great taste.Packaging was good and we bought it for a party, with everyone who drunk it being very satisfied with the flavour.

  2. IanM

    Delicious and good value….very pleased… recommended.

  3. UK Bloke

    A nice, drinkable wine.I drink a lot of Chardonnay grape, and for the price, delivered-in, this is a good, solid bottle of wine.I buy from wine clubs, and from supermarkets, and consider this to be better value than either of those sources, for the price.The trouble with wine, is that there’s so much variation in price, and quality is very much a subjective thing.On top of that, I genuinely believe that one’s palate varies so much from day-to-day; so many times over the (many!) years, I’ve really enjoyed a bottle of wine in a restaurant (for example), and bought another on the spot to take home. Upon “grand” opening days/weeks/months later, I’ve oft been disappointed; it all depends upon what your palate wants & enjoys, at the time. Oxygen & storage time/conditions also play their part.With these lower-priced wines, I don’t believe at all that you get what you pay for – I think pricing is regularly arbitrary – based upon what a retailer thinks they can get for a bottle, whilst conning the buyer into thinking they’re getting a great deal, by offering discounts or the like.I tend to avoid the £10 – £15 bottles like the plague. This is where so often, the customer’s conned into thinking these MUST be better quality, because they’re double the price. WRONG! wrong, wrong wrong on so many occasions! This is what I call the con-zone! If you like Chardonnay, and want a treat, buy yourself a nice bottle of Puligny Montrachet – premier cru, or even grand cru if you can afford it – but don’t throw away your hard-earned by being pulled in by the advertising crooks.It should be noted, by the way, that I’m talking about retail purchase in shops/supermarkets/online etc – NOT restaurants or the like, because the owners of these establishments invariably put a hefty mark-up on their wines, such that a £5.99 bottle in the supermarket (which they’ll probably buy-in at £2.99) will routinely appear on a wine list at £17.95 or worse! Just saying…To sum up: I’ve enjoyed 2 bottles out of my case of 6 of this wine, so far, and I’m judging this to be a great bottle, for the price.

  4. DS

    I bought this during one of the Amazon lightning deals (although the price has remained low) – this is a budget Chardonnay and is perfectly drinkable. Amazon described 3 stars as representing “It’s okay”, 4 as “I like it” and 5 as “I love it”. Perhaps others reviewing this wine have managed their expectations really well and genuinely “love it” but there’s little to be excited about – its a fairly standard / mediocre Chardonnay. That’s not to mean that its terrible – but its just “okay”. I wouldn’t pay full price for it as you’d probably get a better deal with another wine but if its on sale and you want a standard drinkable Chardonnay – then it’s okay for that.

  5. Lizzy

    Lovely crisp dry white wine at a very good price. Bought a lot of McGuigan wines for a party recently and it’s really decent wine at an amazing price. I’m not a great white wine fan generally unless it’s expensive but this tasted surprisingly good for the price. Would buy again.

  6. CateringPacks Customer

    Lovely tasting wine

  7. Jules

    This is an excellent Chardonnay. My favourite white wine. Good value for money

  8. Ashleigh Taylor

    The chardonnay has quite a distinctive taste. The oaky flavour wasn’t for me, however, my other half loved it. Perhaps it is just down to personal taste. I can recommend the Black Label Pinot Grigio!

  9. Richard224466

    Bought as had toured their vineyard a few years back and this wine appeared from the pic to have won multiple awards.Taste is subjective however this one was not to my liking, Too sweet and a bit chemically. The award was for the 2016 wine. This is the 2017 wine.

  10. Dom

    Well I ordered these as they were on offer. I have to admit, the taste is exceptionally good. The Chardonnay is a very flavoursome wine with a soft, smooth and creamy taste. I will definitely be buying this again. Highly recommended.

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