Make Your Own 100 King Size Cigarette Filter Tubes 99p (5 x 100pk)

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Make Your Own 100 King Size Cigarette Filter Tubes 99p (5 x 100pk)


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Make Your Own 100 King Size Cigarette Filter Tubes 99p (5 x 100pk)

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10 reviews for Make Your Own 100 King Size Cigarette Filter Tubes 99p (5 x 100pk)

  1. Paul

    better quality filter tubes that have a longer filter to aid in filtration and better packing of you tobacco. The ones with the shorter filter forces you to tamp down your tobacco and lose an amount under the brown paper line which equates to a substantial loss of precious tobacco and cost in the long run.

  2. Denise

    Have purchased this product quite a few times and Ive had some tubes which were all squashed and unable to use, however this last purchase of 1000 every filter tube is damaged making them either impossible to use or really hard to use. Very disappointed with them.

  3. Keith Hedley

    Fast delivery easy to use with my cigarette making machine

  4. L.H.Davies

    I have used these for some time to make my own cigarettes for years, had given up lookingfor these tubes in shops until I found these, this box full will keep me going for years.Excellent product and highly recommended.

  5. Lynda Ward

    Brilliant. I use these for smoking a bit weird I know Peppermint TeaLow THC Hemp Tea, for the medicinal aspect only. As I suffer from EhlersDanlos Syndrome resulting in chronic pain etc…, Anxiety Essential Tremor. I used to occasionally smoke normal cigs, but the resulting stench of tobacco smoke really gets to me now.

  6. Annie Alsford

    These werent packed in a box so 5 out the 10 boxes were really damaged, Im aware that these are flimsy but dude pack them in a box… I wont be buying these again, it was a waste of money.

  7. Maddie larcombe

    When I got the boxes they look like they had been squashed meaning that most of the cigarette tubes where squashed and not able to use Ive had to throw the boxes away due to me not being able to use them

  8. tara page

    Same order over and over agin

  9. Begum

    When I first used this, it was very easy to use and the paper is strong, which means it does not crease easily. I gave 4 stars overall because I think it is quite expensive but I am happy with this product.

  10. Maritime HGN

    Works ok for intended although the filter to the actual tobacco end connection is very weak and I have had two fall apart already.But all in all ok

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