JP. Chenet Original Merlot 750ml (4 x 75cl)

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Wine of France. Smooth & fruity. Our Merlot reveals intense aromas of red berries with chocolate notes. A fruity wine to be enjoyed at any time!

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20 reviews for JP. Chenet Original Merlot 750ml (4 x 75cl)

  1. bill dale

    very good

  2. Arun

    Die Flasche sieht sehr gut aus und ist verschenkbar. Das Siegel war intakt und die Verpackung war gut. Keine Beschdigung des Produkts bei Lieferung. Der Geschmack htte jedoch viel besser sein knnen. Fr diesen Preis habe ich bessere Weine aus dem Supermarkt probiert. Unabhngig davon gab es keine anderen Probleme mit dem Wein.

  3. Chris Hatfield

    Quite drinkable drop of wine with a nice balance of sweetness and acidity but with lower tannins than a cabernet. This is not unusual since my experience is that low priced Merlot tends to be a lot more drinkable than other grape varieties. The internal packaging is not recyclable but the cardboard is. I suspect that this is offset by the lower environmental impact due to lower weight and less transport costs. I know its considered sacrilege to chill red wines but not so much for a cheaper one as long as it is robust enough to survive the flavour dampening effect of the lower temperatures and this wine is. If you do put it in the fridge after opening it lasts for a week or two without tasting corked. Very refreshing on a warm summers day when chilled.

  4. SilverSurfer

    My favourite grape

  5. Elizabeth Lewis


  6. James B. Spink

    JP Chenet is the top selling brand of French wine and is easily recognised in its distinctive widebodied bottle with the bent neck a design known affectionately as Josephine. I was lucky enough to purchase this JP Chenet Merlot 2014 Wine 75 cl Case of 6 as an Amazon Lightning Deal but even at the regular price it works out at around only a fiver a bottle. Unlike most bottles of Chenet and French wine in general this variety comes with a screwtop rather than a cork. I generally enjoy Chenet and it is a brand I normally buy when in France, however this 2014 Merlot is not one of the best of theirs Ive tried although it is reasonable enough for the price. A drinkable Merlot but far from a classic vintage four stars at the price.

  7. BlackCrow-Maggpie

    A good lip wetter.

  8. Slimpickins

    Not bad at all, served at the right temperature there are no tannins on the nose or tongue. Like most budget Merlots it lacks the slightly smokey after taste but its full bodied and pleasant enough. Good value for money.

  9. kev

    not bad. would probably drink again, although its not one of my favourite reds. tastes a bit harsh to me especially when first poured, but give it 1015 minutes sat in the glass and it does taste better. its a personal thing with wines though so still giving it 4 stars as definitely drinkable, just not my ideal taste.

  10. JK-Saltdean

    Very good for the price.

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