Highland Spring Sparkling Spring Water 500ml (24 x 500ml)

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From organic land. Good Shopping Guide Ethical Company. Highland Spring Sparkling water is a refreshing treat to enjoy any time of day or night. These tiny bubbles are on hand to give you some extra feel good vibes whenever you need them. Always good with food or as a healthy pick-me-up, Highland Spring Sparkling is a really easy way to feel great while you hydrate. Our 500ml pack is the ideal individual-sized serving of delicious sparkling hydration – pop it in your bag for some healthy fizz when you’re out and about From the majestic landscape of Scotland’s Ochil Hills, every drop of Highland Spring is lovingly drawn from organic land. Feel refreshed with water as pure as nature intended. To find out more, please visit our website below. highlandspring

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9 reviews for Highland Spring Sparkling Spring Water 500ml (24 x 500ml)

  1. christel

    2.50 for all these l Great price and more fun to drink sparkling water than still. Happy .

  2. Kwikie

    A must in our household. A sparkling start to everyday.

  3. Crusty

    My favourite brand of sparkling water tastes great

  4. W. Taylor

    Excellent taste and great value, thanks.

  5. R. Sullivan

    I drink a lot of this water but this was a little flat and I checked the use by date it was October 2020 dissapointing

  6. Nicky72

    Twelve hour turn around on delivery really impressed with the speed of service.Super fizzy and handy size for the car school bag or bedside table.

  7. Robyn Taylor

    Either these bottles have been filled with some other sort of water and passed off as Highland Spring, or the water is old and flat. The use by date is June 2020. That itself is no problem because wed easily drink this by then. But its flat and tastes horrible. So disappointed.

  8. Mike Packman

    I like fizzy water, I know Im odd… but at the time I ordered it was 4 quid for 12 bottles, supermarket was similar was 6 bottles. Drank them all, no complaints from me.

  9. nonna paulina

    Have veen consuming Highland Spring for decades and only recentltly, with age creeping up, did I decide to have it sent to my home. Excellend taste not too many bubbles recycle the plastic bottles easily, in the household collection and NO more lugging it from store to car, then car to house. I buy three cases at a time, as, fortunately I have a garage, which houses, everything, BUT a vehicle.

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