Harveys The Bristol Cream Solera Sherry 75cl (6 x 75cl)

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Wine of Spain. Dark, golden and complex. Rich with a mellow sweetness. Harvey brothers, Bristol wine merchants importing from Spain. Since 1882 The “Bristol Cream” has stood apart – a distinctive mingling of four different sherries from the ‘Solera’ of casks of different ages. Discover the essence of invention – perfectly chilled or over ice, as a long drink or cocktail. By Appointment to HM Queen Elizabeth II Sherry Suppliers Harveys Jerez Spain

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17 reviews for Harveys The Bristol Cream Solera Sherry 75cl (6 x 75cl)

  1. Hippohead

    I bought this because 1 I was amused to be buying alcohol from Amazon and 2 it was a decent reduced price when none of the shops around me were discounting.It arrived VERY well packaged, shaken but not shattered at all. That was an intended 007 pun, and it was much funnier in my head.Yum.

  2. K. Payandeh

    My favourite sherry.Still the same taste after many years

  3. Graeme Dundas

    Bought for a family Christmas and New Year function and in joyed them.

  4. Paul Sisco

    Lovely and smooth sherry.

  5. ClareyF

    This sherry is the definition of and the completion of any Christmas

  6. Berty’s

    what can i say i am 51 years of age and have not had a drink in 30 years, and since found out having changed my diet for a healthier and prolonged life have discovered some things are actualy good for my body. in certain amounts. and i must say as soon as this hit my taste buds IT WAS HEAVEN. now i hate the taste of alcohol in any form be it spirits or beers even the smell gives me the shudders, but the the flavour of this is truely amazing. im more worried that i will actualy drink more than i wish too. all i can say is if you like things like this you will be very pleasently supprised, to say i have not had a drink in such a long time i sound like a alcoholic lol. im just gob smacked with the flavour more than the fact its alcohol and if thats what you are looking for rather than its alcohol then treat your taste buds. i have about small shot glass size a day if you add things with your drinks i would say dont do it enjoy the flavour. ok enough waffling RECOMMENDED RECOMMENDED FLAVOUR WISE FOR SURE. if you could get this flavour in a none alcoholic drink would be sublime to me

  7. David G.

    The wife loves a wee sherry at the weekend and there is nothing to beat Harveys

  8. The Boy Bambi

    well well well maybe me old mum wasnt so daft with her love for a Bristol Cream at ChristmasOk maybe a little sweet for some tastes but as a little warmer at this time of year you cant beat itGreat value for moneyCheers

  9. Smallville3009

    Good price,

  10. Pesky

    great product for a good price

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