evian Natural Mineral Water 1.5L (8 x 1.5ltr)

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Description: evian water is delicately crafted by nature over a 15 year journey through the French Alps, for a unique balance of minerals. Recycling bottles can help them to become bottles again and again. Thanks for participating in this circular movement 50% – Half this bottle is already made from recycled plastic (rPET) We commit to make all our plastic bottles from 100% rPET by 2025 Find out more: www.circular.evian.eco, Nutrition: Composition in mg/litre:: Calcium Ca++-80, Magnesium Mg++-26, Sodium Na+-6.5, Potassium K+-1, Silica SiO2-15, Bicarbonates HCO3¯ ¯-360, Sulphates SO4¯ ¯-14, Chlorides CI¯-10, Nitrates NO3¯-3.8, Manufacturer: Danone Waters UK & Ireland, PO Box 71027, London, W4 9GQ., Country of origin: FRANCE, Packing: Plastic Bottle, Recycling: Packing Recyclable, Additional Information: This bottle is made with 50% rPET (recycled plastic) so the colour of the bottle may vary. Packaged not designed for long distance transportation outside Europe.

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27 reviews for evian Natural Mineral Water 1.5L (8 x 1.5ltr)

  1. Chester david

    Glue is a bit fiddley to apply.

  2. Lucy Ollie

    My friends son collects Ben 10 toys, has lots of them, so if they make him happy then they make us happy And this was quite good value.

  3. Deniz Reisoglu

    Really rugged, they remind me of welding gloves. Great for use with my log burner. Very happy with these gloves. I can see them lasting a very long time

  4. CateringPacks Customer

    good product

  5. Laurence O’Brien

    These gloves looked well made, were thick suede leather and certainly would have done the job of handling the hot door handle and protecting our hands and arms whilst loading our wood burner but sadly they were much too big for both me and my husband which made them too awkward to use. As we had had them a while and tried them out we felt we couldnt return them. In the end we passed them on to another member of the family with larger hands. Our search for gloves that come in smaller sizes continues.

  6. A. Felton

    The gloves are very heat resistant and a good fit on a medium sized hand. They also protect the wrists. Being black is a plus when handling coal and soot. would buy again.

  7. CateringPacks Customer

    This product arrived speadily and is a great product

  8. Ben Orrock

    Perfect action figure for a 4 year olds birthday. He loved the fact they can change as he is a massive Ben 10 fan. 2 gifts in one

  9. Steve P

    We wanted these for use with our woodburner they offer effective protection and are long enough to cover beyond the wrist

  10. CateringPacks Customer

    The gloves fit well and protected the wrist and lower arms. They were comfortable and did the job.

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