evian Natural Mineral Water 1.5L (8 x 1.5ltr)

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Description: evian water is delicately crafted by nature over a 15 year journey through the French Alps, for a unique balance of minerals. Recycling bottles can help them to become bottles again and again. Thanks for participating in this circular movement 50% – Half this bottle is already made from recycled plastic (rPET) We commit to make all our plastic bottles from 100% rPET by 2025 Find out more: www.circular.evian.eco, Nutrition: Composition in mg/litre:: Calcium Ca++-80, Magnesium Mg++-26, Sodium Na+-6.5, Potassium K+-1, Silica SiO2-15, Bicarbonates HCO3¯ ¯-360, Sulphates SO4¯ ¯-14, Chlorides CI¯-10, Nitrates NO3¯-3.8, Manufacturer: Danone Waters UK & Ireland, PO Box 71027, London, W4 9GQ., Country of origin: FRANCE, Packing: Plastic Bottle, Recycling: Packing Recyclable, Additional Information: This bottle is made with 50% rPET (recycled plastic) so the colour of the bottle may vary. Packaged not designed for long distance transportation outside Europe.

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27 reviews for evian Natural Mineral Water 1.5L (8 x 1.5ltr)

  1. Juliet

    Excellent. Very pleased with this product. Thanks

  2. D. Corrigan

    I guess it is partially my own fault in ordering this toy without asking any questions of the seller. Then again, the seller should have added the toy size on the product description or product detail sections. When it arrived, I was very very disappointed in the size of the characters for the money spent. So to let others tempted to buy this toy know, the characters are about 5 to 6 cm 2 inches or so in size.After having bought 10 and 12cm Ben 10 characters for around 6 or 7, what I got for my tenner I dont think was good value for the money.

  3. dollywoodrocks

    Great for a ben ten fan, my son was happy. however, i thought it was very tiny i know it says 10cm, but it really seems tiny in comparison to the other ben ten toys and expensive for what you get. It also too over a week to arrive.

  4. J. Russell

    Yes, these gloves are quality no doubt about that but they are for big hands. I read someones review saying they fitted his wifes small hands so I thought would be okay but unfortunately not. Very large for every day use like putting logssmokeless coals onto my burning woodburner as couldnt get a grip of the coals. That said, they are good quality.

  5. Margaret murray


  6. Baz

    An excellent pair of gloves, especially for the price. Having recently moved to a house in a rural location with two large logburning stoves I was keen to find gloves that would be functional, comfortable and hardwearing. Although I was initially sceptical that leather gloves would be sufficient to protect against heat I will definitely buy this product again when I eventually need to replace them. They protect the hand and lower arm and make it a safe process to place logs on the fire.

  7. anne clayton

    Exactly what we wanted and it did the job

  8. Susan adams

    My transom happy.. but smaller than it looks

  9. Jonners

    Really easy to use and plenty of adhesive. Works very well, sets quickly when fire lit. Have used 2 different widths, both are still very firmly attached to the metal.

  10. Chappers

    I bought these plus various other items based on reviews from fellow amazon purchasers. They do the job nicely, and there are no signs of any weak threads or faulty manufacturing. They are a decent quality, nice, presentable pair of heatresistant gloves that even look quite smart hung up in my inglenook.I will be buying the matching stove thermometer in due course.At a price of 13.45 at time of review I think they represent good value for money, and provided they are not mistreated, they should last for many years.

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