Echo Falls California Red Wine 750ml (6 x 75cl)

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Wine of USA. Joyfully sassy and spontaneously sociable. With a wide range of wines, fruit fusions, 0% alcohol sparkling and the new Summer Berries Vodka, there is an Echo Falls for any occasion. Letting you focus on with what’s really important, having a great time with your friends and family! Because life’s great when things just happen! Our California Red is a fruity and lively red wine, perfect on its own or even better with friends.

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13 reviews for Echo Falls California Red Wine 750ml (6 x 75cl)

  1. T

    Nastiest wine Ive had in a long time, tastes like they mixed every possible variety of red with some kind of juice

  2. HOPE

    I have enjoyed this since the very first production I sold it in my wine store in London. A delicious, every day, easy on the pallet, with a nice bouquet and after taste. I drink it, cold from the fridge, delicious over ice.Sacrebleu

  3. Paprika

    Not a heavy red by any means, but plenty of taste behind it. Works really well chilled yeah, yeah, red wine room temperature, stop being a wine snob. Doesnt overpower the food its with, or sit heavy on the stomach like some of the more fullbodied reds can do.Ideal for a barbecue or just a lazy evening in the sun provided the sun decides to come out

  4. Mr G N Marshall

    The wine took a long time to be delivered but was 3excel3ent value when did arrive

  5. PM

    At 73 years old I do not appreciate having my identity demanded at the doorstep. Of course this is a requirement current gov idiocy.It will be my last order

  6. CateringPacks Customer

    This wine has a lovely rounded fruity taste that is the next best thing to our own home made damson, blackberry, elderberry and sloe wines. If you like a full bodied red wine with plenty of taste but without the tannin of a grape wine, this is for you.

  7. ws Whisper

    My review just goes to show how subjective it is when reviewing wines. My husband and I arent in agreement about this wineMe I think this is delicious, worthy of 5 stars. Its fairly light, wonderfully fruity with overtones of plum and blackcurrant. Its an easy drinking wine.My husband He gives this 1 star and says its way too plummy and fruity. He wants something heavier and richer and this wine fails to deliver that.So Ive given this 3 stars simply because it isnt a wine that will be universally acceptable I think that if you enjoy fruity easy drinkers, youll agree with me. But true wine officionados are probably going to pass this one up as it lacks the complexities.But regardless of where your taste buds lie, neither of us think this tastes like cheap nasty plonk. Its just not for everyone.

  8. Norma Beaton

    An ok wine. Not really anything special but a good buy if you are not really a discerning wine drinker. The price is very good though.

  9. George A Dennison

    best red wine on the market

  10. CateringPacks Customer

    Too sweet

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