Dunn’s River Nurishment Original Nutritionally Enriched Milk Drink Banana Flavour 400g (12 x 400g)

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Rich in calcium. Source of protein. Made with fresh milk. Suitable for vegetarians. Rich in 9 vitamins* *See nutrition information table Enjoy Nurishment, a delicious range of enriched milk drinks containing 9 essential vitamins and at least 4 minerals.

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12 reviews for Dunn’s River Nurishment Original Nutritionally Enriched Milk Drink Banana Flavour 400g (12 x 400g)

  1. hannah

    i think it s a.joke.when they.say it costs that much s no.more than 26 pounds everywhere why loooll

  2. GW

    My family worked for Enco decades ago and this product has been a favourite for a long time. Still as good as ever. I would not recommend this to be taken every day though. Its very high in vitamins etc and is perfect for when youve skipped a meal or just fancy a good tasting protein drink. I have no scientific evidence but every time Ive felt a cold or flu coming on since 1990s Ive drunk one or two of these and never had a cold when I did…

  3. Hei

    Ive been buying nourishment for probably around 15 years now, it became quite convenient as a meal replacement during school and college days, and now i started considering buying it more frequently as I am trying to bulk up. However with the sharp rise in price I might have to look for substitutes… which is a shame.

  4. CateringPacks Customer

    my son loves this flavour

  5. Dill

    Dunns River Nurishment is so smooth and tastes really good, Iv had the Banana the strawberry and the Vanilla and all are really tasty.

  6. Jon Jones

    I like the banana ones really good for after gym or running etc even if you miss a meal its good for if you cant eat and in rush and neee something

  7. gavin

    I liked the flavour and the fact it has no powder in the milk drinks

  8. Lrae

    Best served chilled. Dunns also do an Nrich version sometimes cheaper and vice versa.

  9. Louis Loukas

    One of my favorites, Thanks.

  10. Scotty

    Absolutely love these Great price at a 1 a can, Ordered them around 7 oclock on Friday an they came on the Saturday before 12 oclock, gettin hard to find these now in shops near me, will definitely be buying again, thankyou

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