Dubonnet Aperitif Wine 75cl (6 x 75cl)

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Wine of France. Dubonnet has always been seen as the expression of a tradition and a French art de vivre admired the world over. Naturally flavoured by plants and spices, this elegant aperitif from France is patiently aged in oak barrels in cool, dark cellars.

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15 reviews for Dubonnet Aperitif Wine 75cl (6 x 75cl)

  1. robert barton harrand


  2. Mr Ed

    Sweet yet bitter, citrus aromatics, served neat over loads of ice and a few lime and lemon slices…..phwoaaarrr…

  3. C. M. Walker

    Always on time which puts my ind at ease.If I have to type more than I want to i will not be reviewing products again

  4. Pixie100

    Thoroughly enjoyed this wine. Its not as sweet as sherry but more robust than red wine. One of my daughters isnt a red wine or sherry fan and she also enjoyed this.

  5. JB

    Was pleased to find this on Amazon at a reasonable price. It is not always easy to find Dubonnet in shops or supermarkets, so saves a lot of hunting around. Nice to have a small glass and it is supposed to have health benefits too.

  6. P. L. Homer

    Ive drunk dubonnet and lemonadebitter lemon since 1962 but for a time couldnt find it anywhere. Now I can get it , its a lovely drink but if I go for a meal restaurants dont keep it. Such a shame

  7. Wink

    Heard about Gin and Dubonnet GD after listening to the podcast Help I Sexted My Boss and thought Id give it a go for a change to gin and tonic.I thought it was nice, but a bit sweet for me with a slice of orange in it. So I tried it with slices of calamondin and then lemon and the acidity made it not so sweet.Im now a keen GDiva

  8. adam j westrip

    Im now officially a G and Diva. Very nice flavour that mixes well with Gin. Add a slice of orange for a sweeter taste


    Well packed, arrived quickly, good pric satisfied customer.

  10. Aculley

    Magnfico vino especiado.Especial para momentos destacados.Recomiendo que lo pruebe todo el mundo. Eso s con moderacin, porque sube bastante.

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