Dr. Oetker Madagascan Vanilla 35ml (6 x 35ml)

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Natural extract. Made from real vanilla pods. Suitable for vegans. Dr. Oetker Vanilla Extract is made from real Madagascan vanilla bean pods, which are renowned for delivering the best all round vanilla flavour. Vanilla will enhance the creamy and sweet flavours in your cakes, desserts and icings. We use a sugar syrup base rather than alcohol, so it is suitable for cold preparations, such as desserts and icings. Join our Webake Community to showcase your bakes, getting involved with challenges and see what others are baking. For recipes and inspiration, head to our website: oetker. Alternatively, follow us on – Dr. Oetker Baking – for tips and tricks direct to your news feed

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10 reviews for Dr. Oetker Madagascan Vanilla 35ml (6 x 35ml)

  1. Johanna


  2. vickys

    Lovely Many thanks.

  3. mardy

    I like Dr oetker vanilla extract as it gives my cakes and buttercream a good vanilla flavour, I find it has a truer less synthetic flavour than a lot of other brands and it is priced well.

  4. Abi

    No taste and pricey for what you get

  5. gary beers

    Great product.

  6. Richard Lynton

    Here are the ingredients Invert Sugar Syrup, Glucose Syrup, Water, Extract of VanillaIn proper Vanilla extract the 1st ingredient listed in Vanilla, this had sugar listed not once but twice before you get to vanilla, its a thick sugar syrup not what it should be tastes like sugar, moves like syrup, so look for one that has vanilla listed 1st and you will see the difference…trust me let me mistake stop you from making one.

  7. incrediblesolv

    too sticky.

  8. Sarah M

    Dr Oetker Natural Madagascan Vanilla extract … Has a superb flavour and is brilliant to use in all manner of cooking and bakingI use it in my gluten free baking which lets face it is hard to get a decent flavour and sweetness without using copious amounts of sugar but this Is the answer to my prayers as it is Gluten free most extracts are not and a little goes a long way and it doesnt contain any artificial sweeteners either 100 Recommended

  9. Alex Burgess

    It has been used for my baking as I am on a diet and essence is recommended in custard and egg cakes

  10. kar

    perfect for baking and icing

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