Dr. Oetker Bicarbonate of Soda 200g (4 x 200g)

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Perfect rise since 1891. Perfect for cookies & soda bread. Suitable for vegans. Our Dr. Oetker Bicarbonate of Soda delivers a gentle rise, ideal for gingerbread, parkin, cookies, pancakes and soda bread. Did you know? Bicarbonate of Soda can also be used to keep your home clean. Simply form a paste from one tablespoon of bicarb and one tablespoon of water then use as a homemade cleaning solution. A Heritage of Baking In 1893 in Bielefeld, Germany, Dr. August Oetker developed ‘Backin’ a superior form of Baking Powder, packed in small sachets. It guaranteed perfect results and became a huge success. Today, we’re still a family business, famous for our baking passion and quality products that help you enjoy even better baking. Join our Webake Community to showcase your bakes, getting involved with challenges and see what others are baking. For recipes and inspiration, head to our website: oetker. Alternatively, follow us on – Dr. Oetker Baking – for tips and tricks direct to your news feed

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19 reviews for Dr. Oetker Bicarbonate of Soda 200g (4 x 200g)

  1. mandy dyer


  2. P A Gee

    Made some lovely american pancakes with this, however use it normally as a cleaning agent which works well mixed with vinegar. Have used other ingrediants by this maker and while Im far from an accomplished cook You Tube for anything more difficult than beans on toast , happy using this in recipes.

  3. david Galloway

    great product and value

  4. CMacca


  5. carla1990


  6. Caz’s Thompson

    Arrived on time and this product is first class

  7. carla1990


  8. Vix

    Good buy

  9. Susan Lee

    Excellent all round product.

  10. CMacca


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