CanO Water Still 330ml (24 x 330ml)

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Resealable lid. Sealed from light and air, CanO Water stays cool and fresh. CanO Water was created in response to the damaging impact plastic bottles have on the environment. The idea was born when three close friends took a trip to Thailand and saw the devastating effects of plastic pollution in the oceans first hand. Highly sustainable, recyclable and resealable, our cans (made of an average of 68% recycled material) are filled with Still or Sparkling Natural Spring Water (pH 7.9), sourced directly from the foothills of the Austrian Alps. Aluminium cans are the most recycled and recyclable drinks packaging on the market. When you recycle your can it will be back on the shelf in as little as 6 weeks, and there’s no need to worry about our smart lid as it doesn’t affect the recyclability of the can, just throw the can in the recycling bin once finished. Good planets are hard to find, please recycle responsibly #waterwithapurpose

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9 reviews for CanO Water Still 330ml (24 x 330ml)

  1. Miss R Evans

    You cant recycle the cans and to be honest the water tastes tainted taste like a can.. it just had a very horrible taste to them plus the cans that came were all dented. A lot of people dont want to use plastic bottles and I understand that but I think Im going to stick to glass bottle waters or getting a lovely water filter.. Will never buy this product again not worth the money the water taste absolutely disgusting

  2. Miss Lauren P Naylor

    This arrived damaged and burst

  3. Amarkzone

    Ethical water in a tin, pure tasting

  4. Ticked Off

    This is a nice mineral water. Unfortunately, I wont be a regular buyer as it simply cant compete on price with my regular source. We have excellent tap water in my area. For those who insist of buying bottled water though or whose local tap water isnt good quality please do consider supporting this product. The more CANS of water we drink, the less we drink it in plastic bottles, the less plastic in our oceans and if its successful other producers of water might follow suit. We are offered a choice of soft drinks in cans and bottles why has it taken so long to get the same choice in waterI do agree with the comment that it needs better packaging. My cans were dented, although this didnt bother me at all and it certainly didnt affect the taste

  5. K. ARNOLD

    I bought these as I was trying to avoid plastic bottles. I bought the resealable ones only to find they have a huge plastic sliding tab to open and close them. I tried to remove it to put the can in the recycling and then found that I couldnt get it off without cutting the tin in half. This revealed a large disc of plastic inside the can which is exactly what I was trying to avoid water having contact with plastic. So not at all environmentally sound. If you are buying these then go for the ring pull ones that arent resealable. I have to say though that the water tastes a bit tinny and I probably wont be buying any more even if going for the ones with ring pulls.

  6. Sam McLaughlin

    Water doesnt leak from can

  7. CateringPacks Customer

    Would recomend exactly as described

  8. Artist

    Water in a can, whats not to like

  9. LJ

    I like this as much as the Icelandic water I used to buy, but which is still in plastic bottles. Have made this my subscription go to, even though its expensive.

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