Calvet Limited Release Merlot Bordeaux 75cl (6 x 75cl)

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Wine of France. Fruity and elesity. A bright ruby red colour with purple reflections. An intense bouquet of red fruits. A mellow pallate with round, elegant tanins and notes of red fruits and liquorice. A long finish.

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10 reviews for Calvet Limited Release Merlot Bordeaux 75cl (6 x 75cl)

  1. Dave M

    This is a lovely soft red wine that is very smooth on the pallet. Dare I say that it might even go well with fish if, say, in a hearty tomato and garlic sauce, but is ideal with pork, turkey, lamb or cheese.Even my wife, who is normally a white wine drinker, if very happy with this has it is not the robust flavour that you will often find in some of the belting reds that would be more applicable to beef.Definitely recommended and it feels like a wine significantly more expensive that the Amazon listing suggests

  2. Beki

    I highly recommend drinking this with food robust enough to take the wood. Admittedly I like my reds very soft and fruity, not sweet. This must be left to chambr for a good hour, if not longer, if you are to enjoy it at all. There is fruit in the bouquet, but very little in the mouth. A blast of wood and lots of tannin on a very long finish with slightly sweet tobacco at the very end. I taste no fruit at all. It does well with lamb or beef. It was very nice with my venison casserole. I would suggest that this would be a good red for the dry white wine lover to try. It isnt sophisticated, but it is different and I think its a Marmite wine youll either love it or loathe it. Im warming to it.

  3. P. Keeling

    My wife normally avoids French wine choosing to go for tastes of South African or Australian options in the supermarket but we thought wed give this go and we were genuinely surprised and pleased. Its got a good fruity taste, pleasing to the palette and as a Merlot its a winner. We are converted

  4. Richard Kelly

    To be honest Im more of a Rioja drinker and I like strong, robust reds. This is a fairly easy drinking French Bordeaux and its certainly isnt strong and robust, but it does slide down quite easily. The bottles look attractive enough and it is fairly cheap. The phrase light and fruity is made for this type of wine, its not complex, it tastes like alcoholic fruit juice…which is pretty much what it is.My wife enjoyed it more than me and Id probably give it 3 out of 5, but she insists I give it a 4 as thats a positive review and she enjoyed drinking it at the end of the day taste is personal and quite hard to get across in a review.

  5. Stueeh Warburton

    I am an amazon vine reviewer. I am reviewing a 2017 Merlot Bordeaux produced by the CALVET company. It is approved to Appellation DOrigine Protg standard. I am not a wine expert.With regard to the wine in Drinkaware context, it has an alcohol content of 12.5.The French Calvet company was formed in 1818 and so the label indicates its 100year anniversary.The glass bottle has an embossed bird of prey just below the neck nice touch.I left the wine unopened for a while to settle to room temperature. I then opened the bottle via the screw top and left the Merlot to breathe for about 20 minutes.Then I poured a little into a wine glass and swirled it around for a few seconds. I then smelt the aroma, which was pleasant.I decided to taste the wine solo and then to have it with our dinner. I think the accepted practice is to have the Merlot with red meat. I, being an amateur have had this Merlot with both red meat and, on another occasion, with fish. The bottles label recommends having the wine to accompany, lamb from the city of Pauillac a practice that has been going on since the 13th Century. I dont think that I will get to travel to Pauillac but there is some very good Welsh lamb that I would recommendMy uneducated palette found the wine nice and dry and very enjoyable with both red meat and fish. I was certainly enjoyable accompanying food rather than just solo with no frame of reference to compare my palette with.My wife and some of my relatives also have tried the CALVET Merlot. They all gave it the thumbs up. It is very refreshing and has no tannin after taste.I think the CALVET Merlot certainly compares well with the types of wine that I normally drink. It is a little drier than my usual brand but is still very enjoyable.As I said at the start of this review, I am an amateur when it comes to wine. But I do know what I like, and I found the Calvet Merlot very quaffable.I would therefore rate it at 5 stars, based on my comments above and benchmarking it against my favourite wines.If you like a medium to dry wine, I would recommend that you try the CALVET Merlot 2017 for yourself. I do not think that you will be disappointed

  6. writeallthereviews

    Having been on a bit of a run drinking Malbec recently, I found this merlot quite soft to drink. It paired stunningly well with a beef wellington I cooked the other week. It doesnt work so well as an evening wine, but is wonderful with dinner. Good value woody and gentle Merlot with a nice aftertaste on the palate.

  7. S. Minchin

    This is a relatively pleasant but quite dry proposition, not bad for a cheap wine. Absolutely drinkable, not horrible, but also nothing to write home about either. Recommended as a reserve supply when you run out of the nice wine at 3AM, or when you have to give someone a present at short notice and dont have time to go out and pick up a new bottle, or its for someone you dont really like and you dont want to splash out on an expensive bottle.

  8. Fair reviews

    Sadly this Merlot left a foul aftertaste. Its strong, woody and tart mixture was just not for me and all I can say is it will be enlisted as a cooking wine. Lost for any more words may I just add that I do like the label, which means it adds to the general elegance and aesthetic appeal of my kitchen blending in with other bottles in the corner nicely. Of course, your mileage may vary what with the variation in palettes amongst wine drinkers but I tend to find Merlot is good for the white wine drinker, usually, so I was a little disappointed in this case.

  9. Mrs. Bryony A. Shaw

    This is a very attractive wine…a lovely ruby red colour, which puts you in the right frame of mind to enjoy the flavour, which for me had a good balance of body and dryness. A very pleasant wine.

  10. S. D. Spicer

    A decent inexpensive Merlot in a screw top bottle that will doubtless offend some people. Immensely drinkable, would be good for occasions when a lot is called for and you dont have a hugely deep pocket. Tasted really fruity without a bitter aftertaste. Came really well packed, so order with confidence.

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