Blossom Hill Grenache Rose 75cl (6 x 75cl)

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Wine of California, USA. Fresh & fruity. A lively & refreshing taste with raspberry aromas. Expertly blended from the juiciest grapes of California’s sun-drenched vineyards. This fruity rose is bursting with red berry flavours with hints of citrus, delivering a deliciously fresh finish. Perfect for sharing on any occasion.

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20 reviews for Blossom Hill Grenache Rose 75cl (6 x 75cl)

  1. Mrs. M. C. Mitchell

    These were to replace one supplied from another supplier, which were faulty. They work fine, and are good value for money.

  2. Sir Bert Smith


  3. Mr. P

    Item sent was a LG Travel Adapter, but it is only 700mA output. I thought I was buying a 1000mA as stated. Not worth the postage to send it back. Why do people advertise one thing and then send something else that is not fit for purpose. Do not buy if you need 1000mA, look else where.

  4. Amazonian Man

    Used it as an occasional charger (30 minutes a day) on my desk at work to charge my smartphone, all was well.A lot chunkier than expected and not like the one in the photo.Then started using it at home on a more regular basis and all was well to begin with and lo and behold it starts to crackle and sparkle. Lovely effects and the burning smell even better. Put it in the bin.Got a replacement from a high street electrical retailer for six quid which was solidly built but doesn’t have the pyrotechnics fortunately.

  5. Mapeks

    Able to charge my iphone and other phones using this charger. No need to carry different chargers for different phones when on the move.

  6. Mr E Wetherell

    thank you /

  7. Rachel jayham

    My family all have iphone and we have two ipads i brought 3x of these as our old chargers had broken my daughter was charging her phone when the switched to charge her ipod when she changed the cable shefound it wasnt working so she put her hand down to the socket and found that the plug had come apart leaving the wires bare as shecould only feel this and not see it she did not relise she had a minure eletric shock. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!

  8. globerose

    My best present this christmas!!!!!!!

  9. Biff

    It provides a great solution to powering all your USB devices and unlike other adapters i seen on here does not blow up after 5 minutes use. Great value for money

  10. Maria Vincent

    very good

  11. sigs

    Really nice wine at a great price.

  12. Mr. Colin Crook

    I purchased this for my bedside cabinet unfortunately it was too tall. With it plugged into the socket the USB plug couldn’t fit.My fault! I should have measured before I ordered.

  13. Yorkie in Devon

    Ideal wine for a person who likes a sweeter wine

  14. CateringPacks Customer

    Good value.Nice wind

  15. Lindylou

    Received a little later than expected, The packaging was magnificent so this fruity light wine arrived safely.

  16. P. Swinson

    Item arrived much sooner than expected. Ordered Saturday, arrived Tuesday. HOWEVER, the charger I received is NOT the one described and pictured here. It’s label states that the make is “WAITLEY” and it has the USB socket on the TOP. However, that suits me as I can more clearly see to plug/unplug the USB connection when the unit is plugged into the wall socket.It works, makes no noise, doesn’t get hot and so far it hasn’t fallen to pieces or blown up. Excellent value for the price (£2.95).Hmmmm. I’ve just written a review for a different product to the one I ordered and that was described and pictured here. That rather ruins the point of reviews if you base your buying choice on them and are then sent a different product!! Oh well…..The WAITLEY USB mains charger works.

  17. Una Maureen

    My favourite

  18. M. Yaxley

    Bought to go with a Kindle so charging can be independant of a laptop. Will therefore charge most things that are charged via a usb lead. Low priced and does the job!

  19. sc66

    good value nice wine

  20. catz

    Lovely wine.Great price

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