Barefoot Shiraz 750ml (6 x 75cl)

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Wine of California, U.S.A. Barefoot’s Shiraz blends have won Gold Medal 2010 Grand Harvest Awards U.S.A.-E.U. Consistent quality, proven value. Barefoot Shiraz is full of jammy, blackberry flavours and is velvety smooth. It’s perfect with BBQ food, steaks, chicken, pasta with tomato sauces and pizza.

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9 reviews for Barefoot Shiraz 750ml (6 x 75cl)

  1. H M.

    Arrived safely – thankyou

  2. Neilers

    Not as nice as some of the other Barefoot reds, but its quite pleasant and very easy to drink!

  3. G.L.R

    Great flavour and smoth finish,easy to drink!

  4. Mr A.

    One of the best wines out there at this price

  5. Erica Jhiane de Mendonça

    Worth the money. A well balanced wine that is a good choice for those who are beginning to venture into this universe.

  6. CateringPacks Customer

    Expensive wine but very nice.

  7. M A Jones

    I have bought many bottles of Barefoot Shiraz wine over the past years because it is a nice wine. This doesn’t taste at all like barefoot! Very disappointed by the product. If only there was a minus option!One star is the lowest option I have too good for the bottles I received… Buy elsewhere if you want this wine.

  8. km

    Didn’t taste right , compared with a bottle from our usual source and completely different !??

  9. Bry

    Very nice wine. Im no expert so i wont make stuff up about body and aroma….

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