Our credentials

We are passionate about saving our planet and have employed policies within our business to achieve this.

Why use recycled cardboard boxes, when we can just use waste boxes? Our items are generally dispatched in boxes from our other products. If we run out they are gathered from other local businesses. These do not have to go through the energy heavy recycling process, we use them before they get to this stage.

We use biodegradable bubble wrap and packaging materials

Our packaging tape was a unwanted business waste product from a scrap store, this saves it going into landfill.

We dont print invoices, all of our orders are processed directly from the screen and if you require an invoice you can print one from your account on our website. If you dont have a printer just drop us an email and we can include one in your order.

All of our staff travel from within a 4 mile radius of our office to reduce pollution. We offer a cycle to work scheme and encourage staff to walk to work.